Flying the Creole spirit



Corporate Responsibility

Air Seychelles CEO

Air Seychelles maintains a strong sense of social commitment and is actively engaged in supporting a wide range of social projects Air Seychelles has been totally committed to the socio-economic development of the country. In that respect the community is considered a partner, allegiance to whom is substantiated through the numerous sponsorship projects.

  1. The annual sponsorship of the Festival Kreol
  2. National Council for Children
  3. Overseas Specialised Medical Treatment – Air Seychelles helps Seychellois patients through air transportation for their specialised treatment overseas. It has become routine for Air Seychelles to perform such deeds for the local health scheme.
  4. Air Seychelles actively supports national, regional and international sports through its sponsorship policy including the annual Sports Awards of the Year.
  5. Air Seychelles is a keen advocate of cultural and national projects, a fact exhibited through the sponsoring of local artists to entertain or perform abroad.

The below is only a snapshot of the numerous ways in which Air Seychelles discharges its social corporate responsibilities. Air Seychelles is committed to the well-being of the country and the community at large, which is a continual endeavour.