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Baggage Information

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Air Seychelles is committed to providing a baggage service to satisfy the requirements of today’s busy traveller.

This section aims to provide you with instant baggage information so as to avoid any misunderstandings when travelling with Air Seychelles. Everything you need to know is here, from hand luggage to excess baggage rates, check-in baggage to restricted items, etc.
Of particular note is that any piece of baggage MUST NOT weigh more than 32KG.

Air Seychelles flight baggage allowances are as follows:


Business Class
Economy Class

Adult / Child




(0-23 month)




Hand luggage allowances are as follows:

International Business Class
International Economy Class
Connecting  Non-connecting





  • One piece of hand luggage with maximum dimensions 55cm x 40cm x 20cm (115cms) not exceeding 7kgs in weight may be carried free of charge. These dimensions include wheels handles and side pockets. Any items you may wish to take into the cabin of the aircraft must be able to fit under the seat (e.g. a briefcase or flight bag).
  • Adults accompanying infants are entitled to check in one  infant item in addition to the adult’s baggage allowance. Infant items can include collapsible push-chair, collapsible cot/bassinet , car seat or carrying basket. Please request for approval upon check-in.
  • If you require a bassinet onboard, you must notify Air seychelles at the time of reservation. Bassinets may be requested for infants up to 6 months of age and not weighing more than 11kg / 25 lbs. Bassinets are subject to availability.

  • Any extra KGs is 7 USD ($) per kilo.
Important Information 
Not allowed
Important Remarks
  Liquids, Aerosols,   Creams, Gels
  & Pastes

 Must be in bottles and tubes,  maximum of 100ml each, carried  separately in a clear, plastic zip-top  bag not exceeding 20cm x 20cm,  maximum capacity of 1 litre

  Medications &
  Special dietary   requirements
 Must be supported by medical  certificate
  Baby milk / food        Will be verified by customs

  Liquid items purchased   either at Airport Duty   Free shops or on board   the aircraft

  Purchases must be packed in a sealed  plastic bag that  is tamper evident
  More than one clear   plastic zip-top bag      
  Over-filled open bag      
  Containers over 100ml,   even if only   partially full       

When passing through security at the airport
Remove from your cabin baggage for individual inspection:
  • All large electrical items, e.g. laptops, large digital cameras and DVD players.
  • The clear plastic bag containing your bottles and tubes.
  • Medication accompanied by a prescription or relevant medical certificate.
  • Baby food in liquid form.


Equipment accepted



  Rods and reels contained in a case   and one bag with fishing tackle,   landing net, and fishing boots.



  Non motorized bicycle.

  Handlebars fixed sideways and pedals   removed. Pedals and handlebars encased   in plastic. Tyres deflated. Enclosed in   Cardboard.


  Scuba tank, scuba regulator, tank   harness, and tank pressure gauge
  (subject to max weight).

 15Kg of Scuba Equipment.


  Bag containing clubs, balls,   umbrella & golf shoes.

 15Kg COmplimentary on a set of clubs.



  Surfboards must be packed in suitable   surfboard bags. At check-in, to be
  tagged with a limited release tag and   passenger must sign for it, meaning
  that HM is not liable for any damage.


Sports Equipment
Business Class
Economy Class
Domestic Flights




  • Any additional weight will be charged for at the excess baggage rates.
  • The maximum weight of your sports equipment should not weigh more than 32Kg.
  • Handling staff is allowed to perform checks of contents of sporting equipment.
  • All equipment must not exceed maximum dimensions of 62” or 158cm.
Restricted Items

For safety reasons, dangerous articles such as those listed below, must not be carried in passengers baggage:

Dangerous Items

  • Compressed gases (Deeply refrigerated, flammable, non-flammable and poisonous) such as butane, oxygen, liquid nitrogen and aqualung cylinders.
  • Corrosives such as acids, alkalis, mercury and wet-cell batteries.
  • Explosives, munitions, fireworks and flares.
  • Flammable liquids and solids such as lighter fuel, matches, paints, thinners and    fire-lighters.
  • Radioactive materials.
  • Brief-cases and attaché cases with installed alarm devices.
  • Oxidising materials such as bleaching powder and peroxides.
  • Poisons and infectious substances such as insecticides, weed-killers and live virus materials.

New: Airports Company South Africa - Restrictions on baggage and sports equipment

Storage Facility

A storage service is available at  the Seychelles International Airport. Please refer to the table below to see the rates.
 Prices per days (Euro)
1 234 56
1   16 24 32  4048 
 2 16 32 40 48 5664
 3 24  487280 8896
 4 32  64 80 88 96104 
 540 80 8896104112

Applicable for suitcases and small items only per 24 hrs.
For oversized objects like bicycles, artifacts, sports equipment etc, please contact
The Victoria Baggage Co. on
+248 2 501 316.

Excess Baggage Rates

SectorExcess Baggage Charge 
               per kilo
SeychellesParisUSD 50
SeychellesHong KongUSD 50
Hong KongAbu DhabiUSD 40
SeychellesAbu DhabiUSD 30
SeychellesMauritiusUSD 20
SeychellesMadagascarUSD 20
SeychellesBombayUSD 25
SeychellesDar Es SalaamUSD 20
SeychellesJohannesburgUSD 25
MahePraslinNon Resident - USD7
Resident - USD 4
PraslinMaheNon Resident - USD7
Resident - USD 4


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