To redeem miles for reward flights on Air Seychelles, a reward request form must be filled and submitted to our office accompanied by a proof of identification ( i.e copy of your identity card / passport) a minimum of 14 days prior to the intended date of travel. A member can also redeem miles for a single ticket to the half of the cost of the value of the return flight assigned. However, the allocation of tickets for the unaccompanied minors tickets is not permitted. Applicable taxes, surcharges and/or fees listed on the ticket will have to be paid at the time of ticket issuance.

Redeem Your Miles For Flight Rewards

Miles needed for Flight-Rewards from Seychelles to the following destinations (vice versa) on an Air Seychelles operated flight.

Miles required for Flight Rewards

DestinationEconomy Class returnBusiness Class return
Abu Dhabi36,56451,832

*The values in the table above are for return journeys only.

Redeem Your Miles For a One Way Upgrade

Miles needed for a One Way Upgrade using Miles on an Air Seychelles flight from Economy Class to Business Class:

Miles required for a One Way Upgrade from Seychelles (or vice versa)

DestinationEconomy to Business - Booking Class 
G, S, Q, W, B
Economy to Business - Booking Class
Abu Dhabi19,43715,550

For any assistance pertaining to your redemptions kindly contact