To support this year’s clean up the world campaign themed ‘Yes, we can beat plastic pollution’, Air Seychelles joined the Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA) to clear the Cassedent water catchment area on Saturday, 21 September, 2019.


Located in Sans Soucis, popular amongst the local residents as well as visitors for its fresh water source, Cassedent falls within the Morne Seychellois National Park which is managed by the Seychelles National Parks Authority.

Air Seychelles Head of Corporate Affairs, Sheryl Barra said:

“Part of Air Seychelles corporate social responsibility is focused on working with key partners to support the protection of the Seychelles environment.

“As the airline maintains an excellent partnership with the SNPA it was a good opportunity to get our staff involved in the clearing of the area, in support of this year’s clean up the world campaign.

“The area chosen, is mostly frequented by the locals who collects and consumes the fresh water from the spring and also seen by visitors as an attraction which was noticeable during the activity.”

Commenting on behalf of the SNPA Eric Sophola, Senior Parks Officer said: “It is disheartening to see an area that is frequented by so many to be filled with a lot of plastic waste such as empty water bottles, plastic bags, straws and others, even now that more emphasis is being placed on the potential dangers caused by plastic items and the fact that it takes so long to degrade.

“It is imperative that the general public understands that the road opposite the Cassedent water source should not be used as a dumping site and the importance of safeguarding the Seychelles environment for ourselves as well as for the future generation.

“We are very appreciative for the partnership maintained with Air Seychelles, for their continuous support and willingness in assisting us with the up-keeping of the different sites under the protection of the SNPA including this area in Sans Soucis.”

The SNPA and Air Seychelles are jointly appealing to all those accessing the location to refrain from throwing all kinds of waste on the opposite roadside including in the water source, as the waste will potentially contaminate the area, be hazardous to the water catchment and those consuming the water.

About Air Seychelles

The Seychelles' national carrier was incorporated in 1977 and was formally named 'Air Seychelles' in 1978. The airline began long-haul operations in 1983 and continues to remain one of the tourism pillars contributing towards the island's strongest growing economic sector.

In 2021, Air Seychelles managed to retain the most coveted title of ‘Indian Ocean’s Leading Airline’ at the World Travel Awards including, ‘Indian Ocean's Leading Airline - Business Class and Indian Ocean's Leading Cabin Crew . The airline also marked a historic milestone at the 28th edition of the World Travel Awards for having its premium lounge recognised for the first time ever as ‘Indian Ocean’s Leading Airline Lounge 2021’.