Air Seychelles’ charter service allows you to book flights to any of our six domestic destinations on our modern fleet.

Air Seychelles chartered flights

Please note that Praslin is the only island where hotel accommodation is not needed prior to landing.

Bird Island

Air Seychelles charter flights

As its name suggests, Bird Island is known for its vast population of tropical birds. Throughout the year, guests can observe thousands of nesting sooty and fairy terns, other species of birds, as well as nesting hawksbill and green turtles. This private island is situated 111 km from Mahé and takes approximately 35 minutes to reach via plane.


A private island, D’Arros is part of the Amirantes group of coral islands, and is a flat, coral sand cay lying some 257 km from Mahé. It is accessible via a 70 minute flight. 


Air Seychelles charter flights

Also private, Denis is the second north-easternmost island in Seychelles. A popular retreat for honeymooners, it is located 98 km from Mahé. Getting to Denis requires a short 25 minute flight.


Air Seychelles charter flights

A private island, Frégate is a sanctuary for more than 2000 free-roaming giant Aldabra tortoises and over 100 species of tropical birds. It is situated 46 km from Mahé and can be reached within 16 minutes by plane. 

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