Why use Personal Shopper?

Air Seychelles Cargo Personal Shopper service allows you to shop from the comfort of your own home or business.  Air Seychelles Cargo has partnered with Personal Shopper South Africa a procurement specialist based in Johannesburg who can source goods for you in South Africa and arrange air transport to Seychelles.

No longer do you have to wait months for stocks of spare parts or computer accessories to arrive into Seychelles.
When combined with the Air Seychelles “Buy N Box it” it makes this a Convenient & Cost Effective way of ordering and transporting goods to Seychelles in a short amount of time.

It’s time to say good-bye to waiting months for stocks to arrive by sea. It’s Convenient, fast, reliable and offers great value, and also saves travel costs and time!

How does the Personal Shopper Service work?

To arrange a quotation please send an email to detailing the item/s you are looking to source.  Personal Shopper will work with their suppliers in South Africa and will revert back with a quotation for the goods including airfreight to Seychelles on Air Seychelles. Emailing of detailed description like, make, model, series number and pictures are encouraged, this will speed up the process.

If you’re happy with the quotation payment can be made directly to Personal Shopper who will purchase the items and arrange all the export formalities.
On arrival into Seychelles you will need to appoint a clearing agent to clear the shipment in Seychelles and deliver to your home or business. Clearing charges will not be included in pricing from South Africa.

What items can Personal Shopper assist with?

  • Spare parts (Vehicles, Jet skis, boats, golf carts, motorcycles)
  • Computer accessories and electronics
  • Hardware, for home reparation or improvement
  • Home décor (Linen, curtains, railings, rugs)
  • Electronics ( kitchen appliances, tools, entertainment theaters, amps)
  • Foodstuffs, nonperishable items, sweets, chocolates. (Extensive list available on request)
  • Clothing, cosmetics (make-up), hair accessories
  • Outdoor items, Gazebo’s, bicycles, camping equipment, diving gear

Items not eligible for the Personal Shopper Service

  • Asbestos
  • Dangerous Goods (including liquids, perfumes and alcohol)
  • Fire-arms (including replicas, sporting weapons or toys)ent
  • Gambling devices (including play-cards, casino games, etc.)
  • Materials restricted in the Seychelles
  • Lithium batteries other than computer, mobile-phone and camera individual accessories
  • No high value contents

This service is not limited to the above but only an indication of what is available.

Contact Us

Malcolm Beulink +27 (0) 74 601 7215
Charlene Beulink +27 (0) 84 239 8185


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