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Cruising in the Seychelles

Seychelles Cruising

Sailing the Seychelles Islands is a once in a lifetime experience so book your flight to the Seychelles today. Enjoy safe moorings and easy sailing distances that will open up a world of diversity and breath-taking, natural beauty to be explored at your own pace while sailing. The best time to sail in the Seychelles is between May and September. During this period, you will enjoy calm anchorages and relatively quiet landings.

The Climate

The Seychelles are outside the cyclone belt. From May to October you will experience the winter prevailing winds from southeast (trade winds). Despite this, temperatures are between 24 and 31 °C all year and humidity is around 80% in any season. Rain usually falls in the late afternoon or at night. These islands are close to the equator, hence the length of day and nights are roughly equal. The sun rises at 6:00 a.m. and sets at 18.00 p.m.

The Winds

Mid-April to mid-MayVaries from North-East to South-East.
JuneSlight predominance of South-East winds
JulySouth-East winds clearly dominant (10 to 25 knots)
AugustHigh prevalence of South-East winds. Low risk of encountering strength 7 or more (1% of observations)
September / OctoberEast to South-East dominance
NovemberQuick change of time. East/South-East turning North-West
December / JanuarySouth-East turning to North-Westdominant. Short passages North or North-East
February / MarchNorth-Westlargely dominant, 10-20 knots, weakening of closure
AprilGradual return East/South-East

Must Know

Victoria is the only port where you can make the entry clearance and departure. Vessels entering or leaving the Victoria Harbour must always establish contact through VHF (channel 16) to reach the "Harbour Master" and declare their departure or arrival by indicating the name of the boat and the number of people on board.

You should also note that access to some islands are prohibited, some require specific conditions to land and anchoring at night is not allowed in some coves. It is strictly forbidden to anchor on coral reef and to discharge sewage at sea.

Cruising around Islands

The islands that can be visited most easily are the nearby islands (Mahé, Praslin, La Digue and their neighbours). Mahé is the only island in the archipelago where you will come across boat hirers. The other islands are quite far from Mahé (120 miles to Desroches, the first island of the Amirante Islands, 450 miles to 600 miles - Farquhar and Aldabra).

In addition to this, stocking on food and water on those farther islands can pose problems since 99% of the population lives on the nearby islands. We should not omit the fact that since the protection of flora, fauna and underwater is very well respected in the Seychelles, you will not be allowed to visit the other islands without having at least one authorized person on board. Nearby islands are mainly of granitic formation whereas the others are of coral origin.
Sailing around Inner Islands

Cruise the waters around Mahé, the island offers memorable sailing opportunities with 44 miles of picturesque coastline that features safe anchorages, over 65 beaches and a host of secret coves and romantic hideaways.
Breathtaking bays include those of Beau Vallon, Baie Ternay, Port Launay, Anse à la Mouche, Anse Soleil, Baie Lazare, Intendance and Anse Royale. If you want more intimacy, you will find refuge in more secret coves which include Anse Major, Anse Jasmin, Anse Du Riz, and Petit Anse.

The smaller islands of Cerf, Moyenne, Round and Ste Anne lie just off Mahé’s eastern coast in a marine park and Conception Island and Thérèse can be found to her west. Further in the north-west distance lies Silhouette and its close neighbour North Island. Do not miss a visit to those wonderful gems scattered on the paradisiacal Indian Ocean!

Tips for amateur sailiors

When it comes to your belongings, keep them in a sports bag. You should include light clothes, swimsuit, pants and a light sweater for the evenings or outings. Ensure that you wear waxed, closed shoes with soft soles (i.e. tennis shoes), mandatory on ships for security reasons (flip flops and barefoot on the beach!) In addition, bring sunglasses, a T-shirt for swimming, high SPF level of protection sunscreen, plastic bath shoes (to avoid getting hurt by the stonefish, sea urchins and corals), possibly hiking shoes to enjoy walks in the lush vegetation, effective repellent against flying and biting beasties!

Do not forget your personal medicines in sufficient quantity for the duration of your stay. Absolutely avoid drugs that cause somnolence. Sheets, fins, masks and snorkels are a must have. And plan your itinerary well before.

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