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Honeymoon in Seychelles

Seychelles Honeymoon

Imagine yourself, hand in hand with your partner, light breeze on your skin and a beautiful sunset next to you. This is what you can expect when you book your honeymoon to the Seychelles.

Honeymoon in Seychelles

The Seychelles is an amalgamation of more than 115 jewels. With its tropical climate, the temperature ranges from ideality to perfection (24° to 32°). It is the most peaceful island getaway destination in the world, making it the perfect destination for honeymooners.

The Seychelles hosted the honeymoon of the Royal couple – William and Kate, where they made one of the islands their own piece of heaven. Hollywood stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, and, Jennifer Aniston have also fallen in love with the Seychelles. Be amazed by the beautiful scenery and cultural diversity enabling you with a wonderful moment with your partner. Before you fly, make sure you organize your visit to the archipelago by considering these points below.

Why have your honeymoon in Seychelles?

Seychelles is home to some of the wonderful 5-star eco-conscious hotels. If you are into French style-like buildings of the colonial period you can find them mainly situated in the central island of Mahé, however there are many other choices on different islands.

As soon as you set foot on Seychelles, you can expect to be greeted with sunshine and wonderful weather, which is perfect for organizing your dream wedding, and since you are already there why not plan for the honeymoon? An unrivaled destination of hospitality, you will always greeted with a smile, thus making your trip to the Seychelles one which you’ll never forget.

honeymoon in Seychelles

Did you ever wonder how Robinson Crusoe felt during his days on his desert island? The Seychelles is the best place suited for you. For starters, do try some snorkeling.

You might also enjoy some time on the main islands – Praslin to explore rainforests and the famous “Coco de Mer” seed (“Coco Fesse” – named because of its nut-shaped structure) and then accessing La Digue or Mahé, which is home to splendid hotels.

If you are looking for more exclusivity, you can visit any of the private islands including Denis, Desroches, Fregate or, North Island if you have adequate funds.

Following the same light in terms of exclusivity, Seychelles will provide you with a beautiful scenery – elegant granitic islands easily distinguished by their rock formations above a stunning crystal-clear sea, the attractiveness of secluded islands and the dramatic impression of the volcanic islands.

Moreover, if either yourself, or your partner is a wildlife lover there are a few aquatic parks, bird and turtle reserves available in the archipelago. You can go swimming with whale sharks and be rest assured that they are harmless plankton-eaters.

Time taken to travel to Seychelles

It takes approximately 13 hours from Australia, 10 hours from France and 18 hours from the United States.

Best time to plan a trip to Seychelles

•    May – September: Ideal for sailing
•    April – May, October – November: Warm waters, ideal for snorkeling.

Useful Honeymoon Tips
  • Toiletries and Medicines – Do bring your own products with you because there are only few pharmacies available on the island.
  • Travelling – To travel from Mahe to La Digue you can book a domestic flight from Mahe to Praslin, before taking a ferry service to La Digue. To get to other islands a boat will be required. Inland services include taxis as well as car rentals.
  • Travelling at night – Bring a flashlight to help you find your paths at night.
  • VISA – One of the advantages of planning a honeymoon to Seychelles is that you will not need a VISA, only a valid passport, proof of accommodation, and of course, enough funds to ensure your everyday basic needs and luxuries.

For the honeymoon of a lifetime, book your holiday to the Seychelles today!