Travelling abroad requires you to visit and explore as much as you possibly can in the time that you are away. That means scouring the internet for things to do and places to see, and writing them down in your itinerary. If you’ve landed here, we’ve shared a handful of activities that you just can’t miss out on.

Before you set off on your journey to the Seychelles, make sure to add our selection of incredible adventures to your bucket list, and don’t miss a beat whilst exploring these gorgeous islands.


Watching turtle hatchlings

Between October and April, you can stop off at Anse Georgette beach in Praslin, or Anse Intendance in Mahé for an experience unlike any other. Make sure you add to your Seychelles memory book with an up-close and personal viewing of the turtle hatchlings. It’s not every day that someone has the opportunity to watch these precious creatures see the world for the very first time.

The Seychelles is home to two species of turtles - hawksbill and the green turtle. Unfortunately, both species have become endangered, but have been greatly protected in the Seychelles since 2001. If you’d like to add this to your Seychelles bucket list, get in contact with the Banyan Tree Seychelles or the Constance Lemuria hotel, and secure yourself a spot to watch the turtle hatchlings.

Sunset champagne


The Seychelles is filled with immaculate beaches that are perfect for an evening watching the sunset. If you’re celebrating your honeymoon, or simply enjoying a romantic getaway, you cannot miss out on adding this experience to your Seychelles bucket list.

Spend time with the one you love enjoying pleasant conversation, and creating special memories that will last a lifetime. Pack your picnic basket, grab your favourite bottle of champers, and head to the Seychelles’ shores for an unforgettable sighting of the sun as it fades from the horizon.

Try the local beer

If you’re filling up your Seychelles bucket list, make sure to fill up on a taste of the local brew! Adding unique experiences that you cannot find anywhere else is exactly what a bucket list is for, so make sure you get to try it at least once.

SeyBrew lager was launched in 1972 and has been a hit with the locals ever since. This pale lager was brewed from the finest ingredients, imported from Europe, Australia and South Africa. It’s also won awards for its refreshing and delicious taste.

Explore the underwater Aldabra Atoll


Without a doubt, there is an endless selection of beautiful sites worth observing above the surface of the Seychelles archipelago. However, dive a little deeper, and you’ll discover an entirely new universe of splendid marine life and unprecedented underwater views.

The Aldabra Atoll is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been preserved to maintain its reputation as the ‘crown jewel’ of the Indian Ocean. With permission from the Seychelles Islands Foundation, you can swim among turtles, dugongs, dolphins and you may even spot a humpback whale if you’re lucky! So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the habitat of the greatest fish species in the world.

Visit Alphonse Island

Book a domestic flight with Air Seychelles to Alphonse Island and spend a day or two living the island dream. Spend time taking in the rays of the tropical sun, listening to the ocean water meeting the shore, and forgetting about the world outside of such paradise.

Teeming with island activities, Alphonse Island offers visitors the opportunity to tick off an array of ‘bucket list’ boxes. Swim with the local spinner dolphins, kayak through pristine waters, enjoy a sunset cruise, and delve into an incredible meal of authentic creole cuisine.

Make sure that when you embark on your journey back home, that you’ve successfully ticked off your Seychelles bucket list ideas. Spend your moment in paradise, creating memories to last a lifetime with our selection of fantastic activities these gorgeous islands have to offer.

Swim with the fish and eat like a king. Relish in the opportunity to experience momentous occasions you won’t find anywhere else, and go home with an entirely new storybook of tales to share with your friends and family. Book your flights with Air Seychelles today and experience the adventure of a lifetime.