A guide to Victoria, Mahé

Discover all the beautiful attractions and amazing Mahé activities on offer with our useful destination guide.

Things to do and see in Victoria, Mahé

Located on Mahé, Victoria is the capital city of the Seychelles archipelago, and is home to some of the most sought after attractions across all the islands. Take a stroll through the colourful and lively markets, delve into the Seychellois culture and learn about the city’s rich history. Here are some of the things you can do and see while touring Victoria.

Port Glaud waterfall

Before venturing through the rest of Mahé, be sure to make a pit-stop at the stunning Port Glaud waterfall. Known as a must-see attraction on Mahé, it is recommended to put this excursion on your to-do list. For a mere €3 entrance fee, you can enjoy a refreshing dip in fresh mountain water as it streams its way down Mahé’s mountains.

It is easily accessible, situated just off the main road of Port Glaud. The waterfall can become quite crowded, which may spoil the experience. So try to get there as early as possible so as to enjoy this popular island attraction for exactly what it’s worth. Make sure to get a picture too!

See the Clock Tower

In 1903, a cast iron, mini-replica of the world renowned Big Ben was placed on Mahé’s city capital, Victoria. The Clock Tower has long since become an iconic attraction on the island and is a major representation of the island's history, having been placed on Mahé in memory of Queen Victoria and her 1897 Diamond Jubilee.

Four months after the Clock Tower’s conception, the Seychelles became independent from Mauritius, and so it also came to represent a new chapter in the history of the archipelago. No further convincing should be required to include a quick visit to this Mahé attraction.

Visit the Marie Antoinette restaurant

This age-old restaurant was once known as “Le Grand Trianon”, named after the palace of Queen Marie Antoinette. It was then re-established under the name of the queen herself to maintain the tradition of the restaurant and the building alike. Upon entering, visitors can enjoy the grand, colonial architecture that has been maintained since the 1800s. Bask in the beauty of traditional high ceilings, wooden staircases, floors and walls. And browse through the hundreds of business cards and souvenirs that have been collected by guests over the years. It’s also interesting to know that it is one of the only buildings that has been maintained with its original features for over 100 years, which gained certification as a national monument in 2011.

The Marie Antoinette restaurant has established itself as one of the most popular places to enjoy authentic Creole cuisine. Guests can enjoy a selection of curries, stews, seafood and seasonal specialities, all at reasonable prices. With a menu that hasn’t changed since its inception, visitors can trust that their meals are consistently created with the finest local and organic ingredients. So if you find yourself travelling Mahé, in need of a great place to eat, make sure you don’t miss out on this uniquely Creole experience.

If you're ready to explore this diverse and exotic city, steeped in culture, entertainment, and phenomenal food, why not check out flights to Mahé, and make this dream holiday a reality!

Accommodation on Mahé


Bliss Boutique Hotel

If your holiday was set as a romantic getaway, book yourself a room at the Bliss Boutique hotel on Mahé. This 4-star accommodation enjoys its very own private beach, and offers large, tropical styled rooms with either views of the ocean or surrounded by lush vegetation of their secret garden.

This hotel boasts exotic room designs and decor that strongly emanates a romantic, tropical getaway. You may prefer to book a room with a sea view so that you may enjoy your own private terrace and a stunning view of the ocean with picturesque sunsets. Guests also benefit from the fact that the hotel is in close proximity to Beau Vallon beach as well as the city centre.

If you opt for staying in and enjoying all the hotel has to offer for a day or two, book yourself a day of TLC at the PURE-Bliss Spa, lounge around near the pool, or relax under the beach sundeck with a good book and an unbeatable view. The hotel also features two restaurants and a cocktail bar for guests to enjoy Creole, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, as well as some creative local beverages.

Crown Beach Hotel

Another hotel worth considering is the Crown Beach Hotel located in Pointe Au Sel. If your greatest desire is to be far away from crowds and noise, then this is the perfect accommodation for you. Enjoy the true tranquillity of the island life from your large, modern hotel room or from the outdoor pool. Bask in your newfound luxury lifestyle at this gorgeous hotel where you can enjoy your own private terrace as well as easy access to the beach.

Start your day around the hotel's pool, or finish a long day of travelling at their very own restaurant. Guests can also enjoy being close to popular attractions such as the Takamaka Rum Distillery or the Botanical Gardens.


Fairy Tern Chalets

If you’re the type of traveller that enjoys being more secluded than what is provided by a hotel, consider booking yourself into a self-catering chalet such as the Fairy Tern Chalets.

Located a mere 10-minute boat ride away from Victoria, this accommodation located on Cerf Island is more affordable than a hotel stay. However, you are looking at extra costs due to it being self-catering. Additional costs also include boat trips to and from Cerf Island back to Victoria.

If you prefer accommodation as such, guests can enjoy breath-taking views of a garden and beachfront right at the foot of their door. This is a great place to escape the city and to return yourself to peace and quiet after a day of exploring the main islands. The rooms are spacious and ring true to the concept of island living. The rooms are equipped with an open plan lounge area, small kitchen and are finished with wood-woven furniture.

Guests can also enjoy a variety of water activities such as snorkelling, fishing and canoeing on the calm waters. Booking a room here also includes a complimentary basket of goods such as eggs, bread, milk, butter and so forth, a set of basics that will get you through the first day. Additionally, your first trip back to the main island is also complimentary.


Located near Beau Vallon beach, and a mere 6 minutes away from central Victoria, the Savoy Beach Resort is an idyllic accommodation for couples, families or even a luxurious getaway with friends. This 5-star resort is home to 160 luxury designed rooms and suites equipped with a balcony and top of the range amenities.

Guests at this all-inclusive resort can also enjoy an included breakfast buffet, spa services, three restaurants and best of all, stunning views of the surrounding mountains. If you’ve included the kids on your Seychelles getaway, take them to the children's playroom to keep them distracted while you sit back and unwind with a cocktail around the 700 square metre pool.

Guests can also benefit from being in close proximity to various restaurants, markets and Seychelles attractions such as the Sir Selwyn-Selwyn Clark market, Beau Vallon beach, the Botanical Gardens, and the Takamaka Rum Distillery.

If you're ready to explore this diverse and exotic city, steeped in culture, entertainment, and phenomenal food, why not check out flights to Mahé in Seychelles, and make this dream holiday a reality!