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Big Game Fishing

Big game fishing in the Seychelles

The Seychelles, lying alongside some of the world’s best big game waters, offer many opportunities to experience the heart-stopping sight of a prize fish. If you fancy some big time thrills in warm turquoise waters that teem with spectacular marine life, then book your ticket with Air Seychelles. A popular practice today, big game fishing benefits from more than ideal conditions in the Seychelles.

Imagine pitting yourself against one of the ocean’s top game fishes, a challenge that can last for hours. Definitely the adventure of a lifetime, big game fishing in the Seychelles is an experience you would not want to trade for anything else in the world.

Big game fishing in Seychelles

It provides sensations and rarely found in normal fishing activities such as angling. This type of fishing is characterised by the fact that it also incorporates an activity of discovery and deep-sea excursion. Since it is practiced in the open sea, big game fishing is often associated with Holiday activities in the various islands composing the Seychelles aarchipelago’s.

The Seychelles archipelago offers very favourable conditions for big game fishing. This water activity is synonymous with endurance and patience just as with all fishing activities - the fishermen are immersed in expectation for the fish to bite the bait. In addition to patience, a real fight between the fish and the fisherman comes ensues. It is this phase that is most significant in the fishing process. How the fisherman leads determines the success or failure of the catch. However, be aware that a successful catch is also dependent on natural conditions of the place. In the case of the Seychelles, besides the pleasant climate, the underwater conditions also largely facilitate the success of big game fishing which can become a very challenging yet rewarding hobby.

Why the Seychelles?

Whether one is in pursuit of a swordfish or blue marlin, the Seychelles is the perfect place to indulge in fishing. In a natural environment of great beauty, thanks to its geographical location, the Seychelles archipelago offers excellent conditions for this activity.

First, the Indian Ocean region which bathes the islands making up the archipelago is rich in fish. The existence of this important fish reserve is one of the strengths of the archipelago and makes it famous worldwide.

Big game fishing in Seychelles

The Seychelles archipelago also has a maritime environment that remains ideal for finding big fish. Indeed, there are many underwater pits that dot the maritime areas of the island, constituting excellent natural habitats for large fish like swordfish. The main inner islands, of granite formation, lie on a shallow plateau with depths averaging around 50m, and the waters are abundant with tuna, bonito, dorado, wahoo and sailfish. At the edge of this plateau the ocean floor plunges to 2,000m, with a greater variety of fish on offer, and with it better chances at encountering marlin and larger trophy fish.

Fishing Season

As a tourist’s paradise, the Seychelles islands offer the best conditions for those who come to discover or practice fishing. During the period between June and October, special programs are set up to use this period that is most conducive to fishing.

Fish in the Seychelles

Ignobilis kingfish, barracuda, red carp, tunas dog teeth, chicken fish, grouper, kingfish, tuna Yellow, Swordfish sailboats, dolphin fish and Marlins.

Fishing Equipment

One of the main advantages of fishing in Seychelles is that no fishing license is required for recreational fishing. While there are a few retail outlets that cater for the basic needs of the fishermen, visiting fishermen should bear in mind that local fishing tackle shops may not be as common as they may be used to back home and may not sell favourite items or brands. In order to avoid disappointment, it is advisable to bring along an adequate supply of tackle, as there are no specialised fishing equipment hire or servicing establishments.

Here is a checklist of the equipment you will surely need to indulge in big game fishing in the Seychelles:

  • Rod holders
  • Outriggers
  • Fighting chair (normally provided)
  • Large capacity fish tray
  • Rods
  • Reels


Fishing Tip

Note that you are free to fish in most areas of Seychelles' waters at will, however there are a few limitations which are often meant to help preserve the unique and fragile environment of the Seychelles. This allows everyone to enjoy what the islands have to offer today and in the years to come. In the Inner Islands, fishing is prohibited within the boundaries of the Curieuse, Ile Cocos, Port Launay/Baie Ternay and Ste. Anne Marine National Parks.

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