Flying the Creole spirit



Domestic Services

The Airport

Seychelles International Airport on Mahé Island is the gateway to the Seychelles and everything it has to offer. This busy international and domestic airport, set amid the backdrop of Mahé’s majestic granite outcrop, is where your journey to the world’s most beautiful archipelago will begin.

The Terminals

The domestic terminal is a two minute walk from the international terminal, from where Air Seychelles offers more than 178 scheduled daily services between Mahé and the island of Praslin.

These services are timed to conveniently connect with the international arrivals and departures, with a transit time of between 30 minutes and one hour.

Air Seychelles also offers easy to book charter services to many other of the beautiful islands in the archipelago.

Air Seychelles’ Domestic Service

Our domestic network is operated by four modern Twin Otter aircrafts, ideally suited to island hopping and can carry up to 16 guests.

Take advantage of more than 170 scheduled flights per week between Mahé and Praslin. The flight to Praslin takes only fifteen minutes, during which guests will be able to experience a bird’s-eye view of Seychelles beauty, before you reach Praslin, the home of the Vallée de Mai, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Baggage Allowance

Passengers travelling between Mahe and Praslin are entitled to a baggage allowance of 15 Kg for Seychelles resident’s fares and 20 kg for other (non-residents) fares, with 15 kg additional allowance for diving or golfing equipment. Excess luggage can be purchased at a rate varying from USD 4 to USD 7 per kilo.

Passengers that hold a through ticket from an international flight will be allowed the same baggage allowance on domestic flights, as this will be as part of the baggage allowance entitlement stated on the ticket from the original point of travel.

Charter Services

Air Seychelles runs a private domestic charter service in conjunction with the island hotel’s and resort operators. Charter flights can be commissioned to Praslin, Bird Island, Denis Island, D'Arros Island and Fregate Island.

For these services the flight schedule can be tailored to suit the guest.