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Travel to Antananarivo 

Antananarivo has an old-world charm that’s hard to resist for many travellers. Maybe its appeal draws from the two million friendly people that call it their home, or maybe it comes from its rich pastel-coloured cityscape of brilliantly-green rice paddies, exciting markets and French colonial-style architecture. Whatever its source, you can be sure that your holiday to Antananarivo with Air Seychelles will be special.

Top 5 attractions in Antananarivo

“Tana” as the city is commonly known, is home to a rich mix of museums, Royal Palaces, vibrant avenues and parks. While its tourist infrastructure is simple, the city has a rustic sense of beauty and magnificent surroundings that will leave any nature lover in awe.

Get up close and personal with some of Madagascar’s most adorable animals at the Lemurs Park, home to nine different species of endemic lemurs. Visit the Queen’s Palace, an imposing structure sitting atop one of the capital’s tallest hills that served as the seat of power for the Merina tribe from the 17th to the 19th century. Stroll along the pretty Avenue de l’Indépendance, a fine boulevard dating to the French period that is lined with banks, cafés and boutiques. Watch hundreds of Nile crocodiles, the biggest predators on Madagascar, as they laze in the sun and get fed at the famous Croc Farm, located just outside of the city. Spend a few quiet moments among the ruins of Ambohimanga, a holy city known as the birthplace of the Malagasy people.

Shopping in Antananarivo

Shopping in Antananarivo is an experience that takes hold of all your senses, especially if you visit Petite Vitesse market. This place will leave you mesmerised by its colourful tables, loaded full of exotic fruit, vegetables and meats of all kinds, and the sizzling aromas of vendors grilling freshly-caught fish. The rich cacophony of  sounds  and colourful scenes that unfold in this market are truly fascinating.

For souvenir shopping, a popular option is the arts and crafts market known as the Marché Artisanale de La Digue. Here artisans and middlemen hawk all kinds of knick-knacks, from fancy tablecloths to handmade model cars and extravagant wooden sculptures. It’s the perfect place to purchase gifts for loved ones after you go on holiday to Antananarivo with Air Seychelles.

Restaurants in Antananarivo

Madagascar is well known for its wildlife, amazing rainforests and pristine beaches, but it is also a great destination for food lovers, offering a cuisine that fuses together the best kitchen traditions from France, Asia and Africa.

As such, there are many delicious eateries in Antananarivo. On the more upscale side is La Varangue, which offers a range of succulent dishes including zebu, a species of cattle brought over to Madagascar centuries ago. Apart from high-end restaurants, you can also find homely eateries known as a “hotely”, where you can get a generous and affordable meal. For those on the go, street vendors selling sweet cakes and delicious fritters can be found on many street corners.

Places of interest near Antananarivo

Flying to Antananarivo with Air Seychelles places you in the perfect spot to access other unforgettable destinations in Madagascar, the fourth-largest island in the world.

Separated from the mainland of Africa, Madagascar has evolved its own unique ecosystem that’s spread across a stunningly diverse natural environment that varies from deserts to rainforests. So if you’re looking for an adventure, trekking through the Parc National de Ranomafana’s 40,000 hectares, which are home to two of the island’s rarest lemurs, is an experience not to be missed.

Another natural site worth visiting are the sharp limestone cliffs of Tsingy de Bemaraha. Jutting 180 metres into the sky like a collection of huge stone knifes, these cliffs are unique to Madagascar and are one of its most peculiar and most recognisable sights, well-known to both photographers and daring mountain climbers.

Planning your Antananarivo trip

With Air Seychelles you can always find a great holiday deal and affordable flights to Antananarivo.

The best time to travel to Madagascar is between September and November, before the rainy season sets in. However, every month has its unique attractions. February is a great time for spotting reptiles and amphibians, while April to May is when the countryside turns a luscious green following the annual rains.

Whatever season you visit, booking a holiday here with Air Seychelles promises to be the start of an unforgettable adventure. Book your flight to Antananarivo today.