⚠️ Conditions of carriage for Apple MacBook Pro

Following the global recall by Apple of its Apple MacBook Pro Laptop computers,  the following precautionary measures have been implemented on board all Air Seychelles aircraft with effect from Friday, 6 September, 2019. 

As part of the check-in procedures at the Seychelles International Airport and Domestic Airport on Mahé and Praslin, guests carrying any such device are being informed at the check-in counters not to place the device inside their checked luggage and not to switch on or plug in the device for charging during any phases of the flight.

To advise our guests further, before closing the last aircraft door prior to departure, the Cabin Crew will be making a special announcement on board all international flights advising  guests to switch off all electronic transmitting devices such as mobile phones and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled devices, and that as a precautionary measure, all Apple MacBook Pro Laptop computers must not be switched on and or plugged in for charging during any phases of the flight. 

Guests travelling on the domestic route are also being advised by the pilot prior to departure not to keep the device on during  the flight. The safety of our guests and our aircraft remains our number one priority. 

As a precautionary measure, the Air Seychelles has implemented a temporary ban on the use of Apple MacBook Pro Laptop computers on board its aircraft.