Air Seychelles
Flying the Creole spirit



Our support and service

Our ground-handling and technical support team is at your service, to ensure a quick and seamless turnaround.

Our mechanics are qualified to provide engineering assistance with a variety of aircraft and engine types, as well as basic services such as wheel changes and systems testing.

At Air Seychelles VIP, we take great pride in providing the highest levels of service and support. Efficiency, safety and professionalism are the hallmarks of our FBO.

If you want to travel further afield that the international airport at Mahe, then Air Seychelles VIP is the perfect location to arrange your transfer. To help you explore the outer islands. Air Seychelles has a fleet of Twin Otters ready for domestic charter, whilst Royal Jet can arrange private charters for any destination you desire. Everyone at Air Seychelles VIP looks forward to welcoming you soon.

VIP in-flight catering

Servair Sky Chef has an in-flight catering unit airside and they are capable of VIP gourmet catering with catering high loaders.

Landing permit

All operators have to communicate directly with SCAA to apply for the landing permit as well as for all amendments in the schedule. SCAA email id is

Aircraft parking

All aircrafts will have to be towed to the remote parking area (Northern parking) for overnight stay in FSIA. Tow bars are available only for all

Boeing & Airbus family aircrafts; all other aircrafts should carry their own two bar on board the aircraft.

Crew support services

All crew members have to clear the Customs & Immigration at the main terminal and will be escorted by Air Seychelles VIP team for arrival and departure.

  • Crew briefing room
  • Weather
  • Notam support services
  • Crew Accommodation arrangements
  • Crew Transport arrangements
  • CIQ assistance


Jet A-1 and Avgas is available at the airport through SEPEC who are the only fuel supplier at the airport.