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Seychelles Cuisine

seychellesc cuisine

Seychelles Cuisine

Wondering about the characteristics of the Seychelles cuisine? From the spiciness of the Middle East, to the exotic flavours of India with some nuances from France, you will have a large variety. In short the Seychellois’ cuisine is a fusion of all flavours.

Piquancy is one of the greatest assets of the Seychellois cuisine due to the combination of different spices, making it a must-taste experience for when you soon visit the Seychelles. Hundreds of aromas bring a unique exclusivity to the cooking world.

Spices in Seychelles


Different types of chilli are available in Seychelles, each of them having a different taste and its own corresponding dishes. One such recipe is the chutney where several fruits or vegetables are combined with oil and spices which is also ideal to serve as an antibiotic or painkillers.


Garlic has several benefits for health including blood pressure reduction and fighting the common cold. Its strong smell and intense flavour makes it perfect for bringing another sensation to the European cuisine.


Specially used in the Indian cuisine and famous for its medicinal properties, Seychellois use ginger in perfumed and sweet dishes. It is also ideal for motion sickness, loss of appetite andnausea.


Used in chutneys, curries, desserts or pickles, cinnamon is ideal for muscle spasms and nausea. One recipe is the "Ladob Banan", a dessert comprising of coconut milk, vanilla, nutmeg, sugar, banana and cinnamon.

Seychelles Snacks

Ideal for when you are waiting for your main dishes to arrive is the octopus salad consisting of freshly chopped tomatoes, onions, and fresh octopus with a zest of lemon. If you are snacking in the morning or the afternoon, a sugary treat will suit you well. The Carotte Bananas, which involves bananas being wrapped in banana leaves with vanilla and honey. Due to its resemblance to the actual carrot, this funny name was given.

Dishes in Seychelles

Seafood is one of the specialties of Seychelles. You have the choice between a butter-based or spicy curry which has the sweet smell of coconut, due to coconut milk and lemongrass being included in the ingredients. You will also be spoilt for choice with dishes ranging from crab, octopus and several other types of fish. Each of them so mouth-watering you’ll never want to leave!

Normally, you are served with plain, spiced or saffron-flavoured long-grain white rice, and sliced white bread – squared, baguette or little loaves. Garlic bread also is occasionally available.

You will be served with chutney, commonly called “chatini.” Usually made with marinated cooked or raw vegetables/fruits, it is served cold. Examples include eggplant, mango, cabbage or pumpkin (giraumon). According to visitors, the chutney is mostly vinegary but not as sweet as the Indian one.

Seychelles Fruits

Whether for breakfast or dessert, do expect to be served with an assortment of fruits – Mini-bananas, mangoes, cantaloupe, starfruit, watermelon, pineapple and pawpaw.

Seychelles cuisine

Starfruits, bananas and pineapples are used by Seychellois to make the best homemade jam. Their technique involves cooking the sugar until roughly scorched and then adding the fruit in to add the delicious caramelized taste to them.

Other desserts include bananas or pawpaw with a caramel or cream sauce, coconut/banana tarts, coconut sorbet or nougat, or a bread pudding with custard.

Seychelles Beverages

Normally, you can expect to find sodas or fresh fruit juice. For all of you alcohol lovers, Seychelles has its very own local liquor called “Coco D’amour.” Having aphrodisiac qualities, the bottle is moulded like a “Coco Fesse.”
You will find the local brand of beer, “SeyBrew” which is available in most bars and retail stores. Remember – Best served chilled!

On the other hand, if you are looking for stronger sensations, you can always ask your host to present you the handicrafts which are generally not available in commerce or restaurants. They are almost similar to the “nish” – habitually consumed on special events or family gatherings.

Lastly, the “calou” – a fermented coconut sap somehow resembles wine but be careful not to exceed the dose, as it can act as a natural cleanser.

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