Seychelles island hopping

Seychelles Island Hopping

The Seychelles, often described as heaven on earth is located on the equator in the Indian Ocean yet it remains mostly unnoticed.

With more than 115 islands, the ultimate question which is often raised when visiting the Seychelles is, “Which island to visit?” Even those who visit the Seychelles frequently find it difficult to choose, whilst for first-timers looking to visit as many islands as possible, it is a self-answered question.

The beauty of Seychelles indeed revolves around its islands. Each one of them has its own essence, story and uniqueness. As a result, spending some time on the principal islands as well as the smaller and more deserted islands is a must.  

There are different ways to travel between islands in the Seychelles despite its small size.

Air Travel

If you are travelling from Praslin to Bird Island, a connection must be made through Mahé. The islands of Cousine and Fregate offers chartered helicopters while islands such as Praslin, Bird and Denis are offered aircrafts. With the twin-otter’s being only a 19 seater aircraft, luggage space is thus limited and the load should amount to no more than 10kgs or 15kgs per person. Any excess baggage may be left at the airport on Mahé. If you want to be allowed on international flight connections, you would be required to spend at least the first and last night of your holidays on Mahé.

By Sea

On the contrary, La Digue can be accessed through the ferry service from Praslin while Cerf and Sainte Anne from Mahé.


One of the largest islands of Seychelles with 28km of length, Mahé is populated by 72,000 people – almost 90% of Seychelles’ total population. Entertainment lovers, you will be served! Golf, horseback riding, mountain hikes, etc., rest assured you will not be bored. Mahé also hosts the largest panel of accommodations available among the islands.

You can travel almost anywhere until 6 p.m. However, for more secluded areas, you will need to rent a car which would be around 40 euros per day.

Tip: The most appropriate moment to visit Mahé when island hopping would be as your last destination, when you will be able to benefit from the free shuttle bus to Port Victoria after landing back at the airport.


Composed of 7,000 inhabitants and second to Mahé in terms of size – 12km long. You might tend to get fooled by its size yet, Praslin is home to many of the most beautiful beaches on the Seychelles – Anse Lazio or Anse Georgette. It also contains a natural park – Vallée de Mai which serves as a habitat for plants and animals. One such example is the Coco de Mer which is considered as a symbol for Seychelles. Praslin is also commonly known as the “Garden of Eden.”

La Digue

Not far from the islands, La Digue necessitates a 20-minute boat ride from Praslin. You can get to La Digue by first taking a short flight to Praslin, before taking a boat ride to La Digue. Being only 9km² and inhabiting 2,200 people, La Digue is perfect for some “me-time” relaxation. Due to the deafening silence prevailing in the area, you will feel as though has frozen completely.

Whilst visiting the area, you will find out that the island has conserved its primitive attributes – no asphalted streets or signs, etc.
A popular beach destination is the Anse Source D’Argent, which serves to promote a local rum brand or the nut-shaped coconut almond praline.

Tip: If relaxation and silence is your aim, look no further than La Digue. As a mode of transportation, you will have to rent a bike, however walking is also recommended.

The majority of islands surrounding the Seychelles are mostly uninhabited, thus have no accommodation. During your island hopping journey to the principal islands, you may plan a day trip or a snorkeling excursion to these islands.

Day trips suggestions

La Digue – Coco Island, Sister or Felicité Island
Praslin – Curieuse Island or Saint Pierre

Seychelles is often thought to be an expensive destination reserved for rich visitors or honeymooners. Nevertheless, this is far from true. Despite the dominance of big resorts, cheaper accommodation can be found.
During your visit, a little advice would be splitting your stay on the main islands into three and from there organizing day trips to the deserted islands.

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