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Travel to Seychelles

Book your flight to the Seychelles and get ready to discover an island paradise that has more than just sand and sea up its sleeves. A rarely-visited pirate hideaway until the late 18th century, Seychelles is a great holiday destination with an eclectic mix of cultures, delicious seafood, colourful markets and plenty of water and land-based activities.

Top 5 attractions in Seychelles

Seychelles is known all over the world for its golden beaches and crystal clear waters, but spend a bit of time exploring and you’ll find a kaleidoscopic mix of other great activities. Most travellers start off on the biggest island, Mahé, where verdant green hills frame the capital of Victoria, before moving on to other islands in the 115-strong archipelago such as Praslin and the serene island of La Digue.

  • Watch Sir Selwyn Clarke Market burst into life in the early morning as fishermen haul in their catch of delicious red snapper, grouper and bundles of fresh mackerel.
  • Don’t miss the lively vibes of Bazar Labrin, a weekly market with food stalls, dusk bonfires and impromptu séga jams.
  • Put on your hiking boots for a trek on Trois Frères, which rises to a height of 669m, giving those who’ve persevered breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. Witness breathtaking views over the Indian Ocean at a height of 669m.
  • Explore the National Botanical Gardens to find manicured lawns lined with palms, mesmerising tropical plants, a pen of giant tortoises and screeching fruit bats. Enjoy the warm, cobalt waters of Seychelles by zooming around on a jet-ski, going parasailing, snorkelling or chartering a glass-bottom boat.
Shopping in Seychelles

From small artisanal kiosks to bustling night markets and a mall or two, there are plenty of shopping options in the Seychelles. The bustling Sir Selwyn Clarke Market is a great place for getting into the swing of island shopping, with heaving crowds and tightly packed stalls that sell everything from fragrant sticks of cinnamon to mangos and arts and crafts. Look up and you’ll find a raised shopping arcade above the main square that’s lined with friendly boutiques stocked with pretty beachwear, “I love Seychelles” T-shirts and carved coconut husks. If you can’t find that perfect souvenir here, pop into Antik Colony for a great selection of handmade cotton fabrics, quirky maps and scented citronella soaps, among other things.

For those looking for a luxury purchase, a trip to Kenwyn House is well worth the short five-minute walk from the city centre. A 19th century French colonial mansion, it is now home to a great local art gallery on the ground floor and a renowned jewellery store specialising in tanzanite on top. This can be followed by serious retail therapy at Eden Plaza, an upscale mall that brings together high-end labels with stores dedicated to jet-skis and sports fishing gear. There’s also a nice selection of restaurants, bars and cafés where you can put those shopping bags down and take a breather.

Restaurants in Seychelles

They say Seychellois society is a melting pot of cultures, and its culinary tradition reflects this to a T, picking and mixing the best of Chinese, French and Indian cooking. 

There are dozens of great restaurants and local eateries on the three main inner islands, with most of them offering traditional staples such as “kari koko”, a curry cooked in coconut milk that comes in chicken, lamb and even octopus varieties. Many venues do a great Creole buffet, where you can sample an assortment of local flavours in one go.

Easily affordable dining options also exist, with a number of delicious local takeaways. For $4 you can expect a generous serving of rice topped with lentils, salad and a meat or seafood option. It’s a tasty and healthy island alternative to the typical fast-food served in the West.

As you would expect, seafood also features high on the list of local ingredients, with juicy preparations of crab, mouth-watering tuna steaks and grilled job fish reigning supreme. What’s more, the culinary adventure starts when you fly to Seychelles with Air Seychelles, which has a great selection of Creole-inspired dining options.

Nightlife in Seychelles

Life unfolds to a slower rhythm during the daytime in Seychelles, but wait till the sun sets and it’s another story. When you fly to the Seychelles you won’t be lost for things to do whatever the time of day.

Two ever-popular options include the evening markets of Bazar Labrin and Bazar Victoria, where fragrant aromas, local music and sweet vibes combine for a memorable evening out. This is where families and giggling teenagers come to enjoy the party atmosphere and tuck into good food while nodding along to local reggae and dancehall.

For a more laid-back ambiance, head to Eden Island, a swanky marina home to a number of nice bars. Chief among them is the wooden-terraced Boardwalk, which is popular with Seychellois trendsetters and tourists alike. Overlooking a harbour filled with bobbing super yachts, it’s the perfect place for a couple of relaxing cocktails.

If you still have energy to burn, there are a number of popular nightclubs around Mahé, including the ever-popular Katiolo, a family-run venue that has been going strong for decades, where you can dance till the early hours of the morning.

Planning your Seychelles holiday

With a rich calendar of events, why not book your tropical getaway to coincide with a national celebration. The archipelago is also home to the Kreol Festival, an annual fête that celebrates the different ethnicities, traditions and cultures that make up the Seychelles. The annual Round Table Regatta, where the shores of Mahé welcome hundreds of yachts, dinky mini-Mahés and other vessels, is also a great time to visit.

Air Seychelles ensures that your memories of the Seychelles begin the moment you step aboard our aircraft, where our award-winning service and Creole Spirit combine to make your journey unforgettable from start to finish. Plus, with a range of scheduled domestic flights and chartered services, Air Seychelles is the best way to go island-hopping in the archipelago. Get ready for your own Robinson Crusoe experience – with the addition of a few 21st century creature comforts, of course. It’s sure to be unforgettable. Book your flight to the Seychelles today.