Seychelles Cuisine

From the spiciness of the Middle East, to the exotic flavours of India with some nuances from France, the Seychellois’ cuisine is a fusion of all flavours.


Seychelles Snacks

Ideal for when you are waiting for your main dish, is the octopus salad consisting of freshly chopped tomatoes, onions, and fresh octopus with a zest of lemon. The Carotte Bananas, is a great snack which can be enjoyed any time of the day is made up of bananas wrapped in banana leaves, with vanilla and honey.

Dishes in Seychelles

Seafood dishes are a specialty of Seychelles. Dishes range from crab, octopus, snapper and a other types of fish, all of which can all be served in either a butter-based, or spicy curry with the sweet smell of coconut and lemongrass.

Typically, you are served withplain, spiced or saffron-flavoured long-grain white rice. Garlic bread also is occasionally available. You will also be served with chutney, commonly called “satini”, usually made with cooked or raw vegetables and fruits. Examples include eggplant, mango, cabbage or pumpkin.


Seychelles Fruits

Whether you’re indulging in breakfast or dessert, there is an assortment of fruits including mini-bananas, mangoes, starfruit, watermelon, pineapple and pawpaw.

Seychelles cuisine

Other desserts include bananas or pawpaw with a caramel or cream sauce, coconut/banana tarts, coconut sorbet or nougat, or a bread pudding with custard.

Seychelles Beverages

Normally, you can expect to find both local and international brands of sodas and fruit juices. The local brand of beer, “SeyBrew” is available in most bars and retail stores. If you are looking for something stronger, you can always purchase a bottle of Takamaka Rum, the locally made rum of the Seychelles.

If you happen to be at “Bazar Labrin” in Beau Vallon on a Wednesday evening, make sure you try the “calou” , which is a fermented coconut sap resembling wine.

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