⚠ Travel Advisory - COVID-19

Due to issues surrounding COVID-19, Seychelles remains closed for international flying through 30 April 2020.  Air Seychelles regrets that all international flights in April have been cancelled. At this stage, we anticipate resuming limited operations on 01 May 2020. However the situation remains dynamic, and we ask that you check back regularly.

Domestic flying remains operational, with 2 flights to/from Praslin per day.

Domestic Schedule

from 26 March 2020 until 30 April 2020

AirlineFlight NumberDeparture StationDeparture TimeArrival StationArrival TimeFrequency


3090SEZ8:50PRI9:10Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
HM3095PRI9:25SEZ9:45Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
HM3170SEZ17:05PRI17:25Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
HM3175PRI17:40SEZ18:00Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun


General Change Waiver
If you are travelling on an international flight between 04 March and 30 April, 2020, regardless of when your ticket was purchased, you can alter your dates of travel without a change fee. If you are unsure of your new travel dates, you can still cancel and rebook without a fee at a later time. Any additional fare or taxes may apply.  

Flexible Purchase Option
For tickets purchased between 04 March and 30 April, 2020, regardless of when you plan to travel, you can change your ticket date for no additional fee. Any additional fare or taxes still apply.  

Domestic flights
We are now flying at reduced capacity due to COVID-19. However all passengers are being accommodated on other flights, usually within 1 hour of their original scheduled departure.  
There are no refunds or change waivers in place for domestic-only tickets. If you are originating travel from a country that is banned entry into Seychelles, you can apply for a full refund from the agent you purchased your ticket.  

International flights
Below is a list of cancelled flights for 20 April (19 April for Mumbai) and beyond. If you are travelling on a flight that has been cancelled, you have been automatically rebooked on the next available flight.  If you choose not to fly on the new schedule, you can cancel and rebook at a later time without a change fee for up to 11 months. Please contact our call centre +248 4 391000, visit our ticket office or GSA in your country.

Cancelled flights for 01 May and beyond:

Mumbai Cancellations - last updated Thursday 2nd April 2020 3:30PM

last updated Thursday 2nd April 2020 3:30PM

DateFlight NumberOriginDestinationComments
04-May-20HM260SEZBOMFlight Cancelled
05-May-20HM261BOMSEZFlight Cancelled
11-May-20HM260SEZBOMFlight Cancelled
12-May-20HM261BOMSEZFlight Cancelled
18-May-20HM260SEZBOMFlight Cancelled
19-May-20HM261BOMSEZFlight Cancelled
25-May-20HM260SEZBOMFlight Cancelled
26-May-20HM261BOMSEZFlight Cancelled
01-Jun-20HM260SEZBOMFlight Cancelled
02-Jun-20HM261BOMSEZFlight Cancelled
08-Jun-20HM260SEZBOMFlight Cancelled
09-Jun-20HM261BOMSEZFlight Cancelled
15-Jun-20HM260SEZBOMFlight Cancelled
16-Jun-20HM261BOMSEZFlight Cancelled
22-Jun-20HM260SEZBOMFlight Cancelled
23-Jun-20HM261BOMSEZFlight Cancelled
29-Jun-20HM260SEZBOMFlight Cancelled
30-Jun-20HM261BOMSEZFlight Cancelled