VIP Lounge

Lounge Location Air SideAirside

The Air Seychelles VIP Lounge, discretely located adjacent to the main terminal, provides an exclusive experience for guests travelling on both chartered aircraft or scheduled commercial flights.

We take care of your arrival, transit or departure arrangements while you enjoy the comfort of our four stylish lounges decorated in vibrant colors reflecting the Seychelles islands.

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CIP Lounge

Lounge Location LandSideDeparture Lounge - Airside

The premium lounge located on the first floor, in the departure terminal of the Seychelles International Airport has been named Salon Vallée de Mai, after UNESCO’s protected nature reserve located on the second most populated island of Seychelles, Praslin.

With an air of quiet elegance reflecting the unique beauty of the Seychelles islands, the array of available facilities in the lounge will definitely offer you a memorably relaxing pre-flight experience.

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