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Seychelles Activities

Fed up of your daily routine? Do you need a break? Well now is a great time to think about booking your holidays to the Seychelles. What about a clear dazzling water and a blue turquoise lagoon? What about a spectacular view over an outstanding landscape? If this is what you are searching for, then the Seychelles exotic islands is the place for you.

Visit Praslin with Air Seychelles

This paradise island has more than enough to offer and will bringing a ray of excitement into your life. Seychelles and its thrilling adventures and activities will kick away the monotony of your routine.

Water sports based activities or air activities, what do you prefer? Or are you more of the adventurer type? Whatever your preference, Seychelles and its range of activities will keep you entertained.

Water sports in the Seychelles

Considered to be one of the perfect locations for water based activities, the Seychelles uses its resources to the fullest whilst protecting and preserving its inherited exotic fauna and flora. Seychelles and its water sport activities such as water-skiing, parachute rides, jet-skis, banana boat rides, sailing, paragliding will make your adrenaline explode.


Activities such as diving is a must in Seychelles islands. The outstanding marine flora and fauna will mesmerize you. A real paradise for diving lovers, Seychelles is well-known for its impressive aquatic lives and coral reefs. It is one of best diving spots in the Indian Ocean.


For to those who are not yet ready to go deep in the turquoise sea, snorkelling would be a perfect alternative for you. A mask and flippers will be just enough for you to appreciate the corals and amazing shoals of fish of the tropical islands. Indeed, it is an interesting activity where you can even come across hawksbill turtle.

Catamaran and Yacht

You can explore Seychelles and its splendid archipelago through a completely different angle. Seychelles Tours enable its visitors to discover the most remote islands in the chain. The voyage can be done by yacht, glass bottomed boat, catamaran or a sail boat.


Seychelles is gradually becoming a hotspot as a golf destination. Amateurs and professionals will simply adore it. Along with an astonishing view over the beaches, the Lemuria Resort golf course is considered by many to be one of the best around the globe.

Golfing in Seychelles

The Lemuria Resort is situated on Praslin. The Resort offers an 18 hole golf course competition. The course is considered to be quite tough for all calibre of golfers. A Par 70 was opened in 2000 eventually, increasing the profile of the game. Moreover, there is a 9-hole golf course on Mahé Island.

Rock climbing and zip lining

The Specialised Multi Adventure Company (SMAC Adventures) on Mahé Island provides adrenaline-pumping activities.

SMAC provides plenty of adrenaline rush activities such as zip lining. This particular activity will enable you to discover the striking natural beauty of Seychelles forests.

Along with zip lining, SMAC offers rock climbing activities in the shape of an 18 metre high natural granite rock face. Safety measurements have been taken so that you may enjoy safely and comfortably.

To experience such amazing activities, book your ticket with Air Seychelles today!