Aside from being one of the most popular destinations for tourists all year round, the Seychelles’ climate is close to excellence if not excellent. With a temperature at around 24° to 32°, it is rarely too cold or too hot.

Showers tend to last for only a few hours and sometimes located in only one area of the archipelago.

The period of May to September is one of the driest periods, whilst the November to January is one of the wettest. Nevertheless, you will find an abundance of sunshine before and after these showers.

Seasonal disparities in Seychelles

Have you heard of the South-East Trade Winds? If not, the trade winds are the wind patterns found in the lower part of the Earth’s atmosphere. These winds tend to influence the weather in the Seychelles by bringing drier climate and steady winds, thus affecting the choice of location. You will also have to face seaweed drifts due to marine algae being trapped by the currents.

On Mahé, some south-west beaches such as Takamaka, Baie Lazare and Intendance tends to become more agitated while those of the north and east remain unaffected. From May to September, the seaweed drifts may some harmless problems. Normally, it tends to prevail on the south-west beaches and Grand Anse which is situated on Praslin.

Be careful when venturing in the sea for boat crossings as the sea can be quite rough. Be sure to book a flight with Air Seychelles if you are prone to sea-sickness.

With a gentler breeze coming from the north-west, beaches are normally weed-free and safe for members of the public. However, do expect more rainfall especially from November to January.

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What weather to expect during your visit?

  • October – April: On average, the temperature prevailing during this period would be 27.3° with a precipitation of 214.3mm.
  • May – September: On average, the temperature prevailing during this period would be 26.2° with a precipitation of 130mm.

The best time to plan a trip to Seychelles

“When should I visit the Seychelles?” The shortest answer is as quickly as you can!

Despite the round-the-year rainfall, the Seychelles always remains warm and beautiful during the entire year.. 

For surfing and windsurfing, you would probably benefit more between May to September which is when the south-east trade winds prevail. The effect of the winds and waves combined would offer a unique experience. Furthermore, sailing can be enjoyed all year round.

To experience truly breath-taking weather and scenery, book your ticket to the Seychelles today!