A colourful harmony

Due to its geography and history, the Seychelles has ended up with a mixture of almost every culture. With over 94,000 inhabitants, the Seychelles has ethnic roots from around the world in the fields or music, art, cuisine and dance.

The majority of Seychellois are of African origin yet, there is still a large blend of ancestors from Europe, India and China. Smaller groups involve those of French and Arabic origin.

Official Languages

Being a diverse country, the Seychelles accommodates a population with a wide range of international languages including English and French. Native to our islands, you will find the most common language to be the Seychellois Creole.

National Holidays

The Independence Day of Seychelles on 29th June is an occasion for families to gather and spend some quality time on a local beach to have a picnic. There are also varoius religious public holidays throughout the course of the year.

Markets in Seychelles

During the course of your stay, you’ll never be too far from souvenir kiosks. Here you’ll find locally made hats, t-shirts, dresses, hand painted shells and corals, and baskets made from coconut fibre.

You will also find different kind of spices such as cinnamon and saffron, all of which are used for creating local dishes as well as having medicinal properties.

Wooden replicas of aquatic species are a great reminder of your diving experience. You will also find available the well-known product of Seychelles, the “Coco de Mer.” A protected product, it should always be accompanied by a certificate as well as an export permit. Lastly, be sure to hang out in a gallery and purchase a canvas by a Seychellois painter.



Colonialism through the ages

Multi-ethnicity is reflected in the local architecture, whereby colonial past and functional concepts are fused together. The steep roofs allow good rainwater evacuation while the wide verandas offer maximum luminosity.

If you want to experience similar beauty, the Dauban Silhouette’s family house awaits you with its sumptuous Creole restaurant. La Digue island offers a fine wooden house, while Val Domaine des Pres on Mahé has a charming simplicity. A farm called “Grann Kaz” is situated there and is a throwback to the 20th century.



Melody of the soul and heart

With music being an integral element to Seychellois culture, you can expect to hear the sounds of the Sega rhythm whereby dancers sway their hips to the sound of the guitars, drums as well as keyboards. The Moutia is a mysterious and sensual dance dating back to the time slaves gathered themselves around a fire at night.


Last but not least, is the Kanmtole which is a ballet from Europe where music of the 17th century is played using banjos, fiddles and triangles as a remembrance to the Scottish quadrille.


Awaken your taste

Make sure you try out the local cuisine, consisting of culinary influences from India, China and France. Foods ranging from roasted octopus and other dishes prepared with coconut milk are the main specialties of the Seychelles. As an accompaniment, you can also try the local beer or other alcohol specialties of the islands.

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