There are many world-renowned attractions that make the Seychelles a dream getaway destination. If you’re wondering what will make your trip to the Seychelles worthwhile, keep reading to discover the attractions that make the Seychelles a must-see.

Pristine Beaches


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When you’re asked to picture the perfect beach destination, you’ll likely conjure up an image of white sandy beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see, and water so blue and clear that you’re left wondering if it’s even real. This is exactly what you can expect when visiting the Seychelles.

One such example of nature at its finest is Anse Source d'Argent, La Digue Island's most popular beach. Not only is this beach the most popular on La Digue Island, but it’s also wildly popular worldwide. It holds the title of most photographed beach in the world and has even featured in films.

Another example of mother nature showing off is Honeymoon Beach. While accessing this private beach will require you to book a villa at USD 5,000 per night, the white stretch of sand and crystal clear water make it worthwhile if your budget allows.



Situated on Mahé, Beau Vallon is yet another beach starring as one of the most beautiful and most popular of the island. Locals and tourists alike have fallen in love with Beau Vallon, which is understandable considering how much there is to do there.

Book yourself an ocean excursion or take part in various water sports such as snorkelling, diving, fishing, and even jet skiing. The clear waters and coral reefs are largely enjoyed by those that prefer to spend their days in the water. Due to the fact that the waters remain relatively shallow, it is also the perfect beach to bring your kids to. Be sure to also stay late enough to watch the sunset.

What’s more, if you find yourself on Beau Vallon, you are also able to enjoy the variety of food vendors, restaurants and bars.

The Seychelles archipelago is home to many other breath-taking beaches. When you visit the Seychelles, make sure to visit as many of these pristine beaches as your itinerary allows.

Tropical wildlife

The Seychelles is home to an exquisite variety of fauna and flora. Among the array of exotic animals, you can expect to see twelve endemic bird species, giant tortoises, lizards, and a kaleidoscope of fish. Cousin Island is a must-see if you’re interested in witnessing exotic animals you could only dream of in their natural habitat. For the more daring, try diving on Mahé where whale sharks are bound to appear around October and November.

Seychelles nightlife

While the Seychelles is already lively and entertaining during the day, it doesn’t relent after dark. Once the kids are in bed, check out these nightlife activities and make the most of every minute of your stay!

If you find yourself wanting to get rid of some excess energy and dance the night away, you can choose from four discotheques in the Seychelles. Split up between Mahé and Praslin, these night-time venues are sure to offer you a good time!

On Mahé, visit on The Boardwalk on Eden Island for a more casual evening of dancing, whereas The Jungle on Praslin offers live local music and delicious cocktails to create a chic night out in this dream holiday destination.

If dancing isn’t for you, check out some of the archipelago’s gaming houses. From slot machines to fully-fledged casinos, you’re sure to find a place to spend your evening. Check out places like Gran Kaz, Berjaya International Casino on Mahé or The Amusement Centre on Victoria.

Seychelles restaurants



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According to visitors, the best dining experience on Mahé can be found at Del Place Bar and Restaurant. While being casual and cosy, the neat and stylish interior adds to the dining experience. And with a wide variety of seafood and international cuisine, the dining experience is already great!

If you find yourself on Praslin, you should make it a priority to enjoy a meal at Les Lauriers. They specialise in barbecue meals but also offer a variety of options for vegetarians, vegans and customers with gluten-free dietary requirements.

Finally, when in Beau Vallon, stop by La Plage Restaurant in Beau Vallon. The selection of French, Mediterranean, and seafood cuisines is sure to leave any customer satisfied. And the ocean view doesn’t hurt.



Seychelles shopping

As with most island getaway destinations, shopping is hardly the first priority. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy a shopping spree when on holiday in the Seychelles. Whether you’re in the mood for a mall outing or an authentic local market, you’ll find an option to suit your needs.

If a shopping mall is what you’re looking for, Eden Plaza, Sekaar Port Glaud, and Orion Building will be your best bet. On the local market end of the shopping spectrum, Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market in Victoria is a must-see!

Seychelles activities

One thing you never have to worry about when planning your trip to the Seychelles is struggling to find things to do. Here’s a list of just a few of the activities you can take part in while enjoying your stay in the Seychelles.

Seychelles Day trips

  • Starfish – Odezir: take a catamaran cruise through Anne Marine Park
  • Mahé Island discovery tour: enjoy a full day of exploring
  • Victoria discovery tour: the perfect half-day tour
  • Royal Cruise in Anse Royale
  • Tour of Cousin, Curieuse and St Pierre Islands

Must-see landmarks

  • Baie Ternay Marine National Park
  • Tempio Hindu
  • Victoria Market
  • Clock Tower
  • Domaine de Val des Pres

Hiking trails

  • Copolia trail
  • Morne Blanc
  • Trois Freres Trail
  • Nid d’Aigle

Museums & Galleries

  • Galerie Passerose
  • Seychelles Natural History Museum
  • French Cultural Center
  • Michael Adams Painting Studio
  • Rita’s Art Studio & Gallery


There are many other activities in the Seychelles. Make sure to read through the rest of the sections for more information on how to make your getaway as eventful as possible. To find out what else the Seychelles has for you to discover, view our suggestions on the top things to see in the Seychelles.